Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Johnny Depp plays guitar while Alice Cooper performs. If you're a fan of Johnny Depp prepare to melt...


Do you love the Toy Story movies? Well it's time to get excited! Tom Hanks has hinted that there might be a Toy Story 4 soon!


Ryan Dunn was shooting a stunt series prior to being killed. The show was pulled off the air after his death in order to show respect for Dunn. However, the show will begin to air once again in July.


Feeling sorry for Hugh Hefner after Crystal Harris left him at the alter? Well you can stop. He has found another new girl and her name is Shera Bechard. Hef admits, "Shera is both our November 2011 playmate and my new girlfriend." As you all know by now he is also dating Anna Sophia Bergland.


Charlie Sheen is now single. We have also found out that his character Charlie Harper on Two and A Half Men will be killed off the show. It also seems it might be from a car crash.


Julie Benz of Dexter is engaged. She is engaged to her marketing executive boyfriend of four years Rich Orosco.


Shia LeBeouf admits to have hooked up with Megan Fox during the making of the Transformer's movie. He doesn't know if at the time she was with her now husband Brian Austin Green. WOW! He also admits to have hooked up with the second films costar Isabel Lucas!

This guy doesn't waste anytime huh? Mixing business with pleasure to the extreme!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


They met on the set of a movie they play husband and wife in called The Dream House. And now apparently they married in New York last Wednesday in front of four people. How they managed to keep it a secret is amazing.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Just a few months ago Taylor Swift bought her parents a $1.4 home in Beverly Hills. Now it seems she has bought herself a larger $3.5 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills as well. Must be nice!


Jennifer Antison just shot for Inside The Actor's Studio with James Lipton. However, she didn't go the the filming alone. She took her rumoured boyfriend Justin Theroux. Also, Antison was asked by Lipton what her favorite word is and she replied, "Norman." Who was her beloved dog which recently passed away.


Hmmm! Crystal Harris was photographed at a pawn shop trying to get an appraisal for her engagement ring. Where it is claimed the blond said her relationship with Hefner "was all for publicity." Classy move...


Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend of three years Kyle Howard have split. They were dating while she filmed her show for The Hills for MTV but they kept their relationship away from the cameras. They were a cute couple...


That's right she recently got inked for the first time. And it was all to commemorate her beloved dog Norman who passed away this year. She got Norman tattooed on her foot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis are no longer an item. They released a joint statement, "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect out privacy."

Hmm, it seems every couple in Hollywood who breaks up releases a similar statement. But, the next day they are plastered on the gossip magazines with scandalous headlines some true some not. Let's see what theirs will say...


Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have fled all the media drama in America for his native Austria. He is to attend an environmental conference there. He will also visit Austria again later on in the year, where he will open the Schwarzenegger Museum.

It seems that in Austria there isn't that much media scandal surrounding him as there is here in the states.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Don't get too comfortable with the character's because it seems they will be replaced. Since Glee is set in High School the students will graduate in 2012 and new character's will come in to fill their places. However, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison will remain on the show.


Actor Ian Mcshane has been cast to play the Dwarf King in the newest Snow White & The Huntsmen film. You might remember him from The Pirates of The Carribbean: On Stranger Tides.

His character is new and was not included in the original Snow White. Also set to be in the film are actors Kristen Stewart, Charliez Theron, and Chris Hemsworth.


Amy Winehouse has canceled her entire European tour after a horrible performance on her opening night.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Evangeline Lilly Will Be In The Hobbit

Evangeline Lilly will be in the movie The Hobbit which is a prequel to The Lord Of The Rings films. She is set to play an elf named Tauriel.

Director Peter Jackson wrote on his facebook about Evangeline's character. "Her name means 'daughter of Mirkwood', and beyond that, we must leave you guessing!"

The movie will be released in Decemeber 2012. It will also include some of the cast from previous Lord Of The Rings movies such as Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, and Orlando Bloom. Interesting to see what action the movie will have.


Kevin Villegas who was the man who got into the epic fight with Weston Cage has been granted a restraining order against Nic Cage's son. And according to the restraining order Weston has to stay 100 yards away from Kevin and his family.

In case you missed it this is what the fight looked like.


Paris Hilton and her boyfriend of about a year Cy Waits are no longer together according to sources. Supposedly you will get to see some of their drama unfold on her reality TV show.


It might seem so because a new website has been unveiled called Pottermore.com where 2 owls are seen perched on tree branches with the words "coming soon..." and what appears to be J.K. Rowling's signature underneath.


Yes, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder who costar on the show Vampire Diaries are an item. The pair who have supposedly been dating for about a year have gone public with their romance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.


Ryan Dunn, 34, from MTV's Jackass fame has died in an accident early morning Monday. His Porsche spun out of control, veered off route 322 and into the woods and ended in a fiery crash. Although the reason for the accident remains unknown Ryan tweeted pictures of himself and buddies having drinks on Sunday.

You have to see pictures of the wreckage it is unbelievable.


Crystal Harris noticed Holly Madison's tweet which I posted earlier. She also took to her twitter to respond to Holly's comment by saying, "Hard times show your real friends..." And, Holly responded to Crystal saying, "No. They show HEF's real friends."

Why would Holly have any sympathy for Crystal I mean I doubt they really were best buddies. I understand Holly's loyalty to Hugh Hefner after all she was his number one for a very long time.


Josh Duhamel will return to All My Children bringing back to life his character Leo du Pres. For which he won a Daytime Emmy in 2002 for Outstanding Supporting Actor. All My Children will soon be off the air but the actor returned to it's set and filmed some of the final episodes for the long running show.


As you know from my previous posts Crystal Harris was set to be Crystal Hefner this past Saturday. Instead just a few days before the wedding date she decided to call it off. The wedding was supposed to be on Saturday and instead Crystal was partying poolside with Heidi Montag of all people.

Holly Madison who had a long relationship with Hugh Hefner did not think this was right. So Holly took to her twitter and said, "That's a new low...That's disgusting, and whoever booked her is tacky."

I think Holly is right here. Not only did Crystal dump Hef but it seems like she is rubbing salt in his wounds.


She is a 21 year old Alyssa Campanella from California. She is very stunning. Click on the link for pictures of the model turned Miss USA 2011.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Amy Winehouse's rep has said she will cancel some of the shows on her tour. As we blogged below Amy had a horrible performance yesterday where she got booed. Her rep says that, "she cannot perform to the best of her ability." And that is why she has canceled her shows set for Monday in Istanbul and Wednesday in Athens.


Some Old Hollywood memorabilia has been auctioned including Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress which she wore in The Seven Year Itch. You know the one that blew up in the film as she stood over a subway grate. Well the dress sold for an amazing $4.6 million!

Some other things that were auctioned off were Marilyn's red sequences dress from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes which was sold at $1.2 million, and the dress Judy Garland wore as Dorthy in The Wizard Of Oz sold for $910,000.

Some other items sold at the auction were Charlie Chaplin's famous hat, and the armour Ingrid Bergman wore in the famous movie Joan of Ark.


Well that was fast! It seems Hugh Hefner has a new number one and her name is Anna Sophia Berglund. She has even moved into Hefner's room. She is also a Playboy Playmate and a blond. 

Just a few days ago Hefner's old girlfriends the Shannon twins also moved back to the mansion. It seems like there is a full house once again. Hefner's broken heart will be healed in no time. 


Last night was Amy Winehouse's first show to kick off her new European Tour. Instead she has some worried because she was onstage stumbling, and slurring, and she would walk off stage leaving the band alone. Needless to say they crowd booed her through the night.

This is a continuing sad story because is had seemed she wanted to get sober. She was in rehab earlier this month.

Here is some footage of the event.


Crystal Harris was set to have been Hugh Hefner's 3rd wife yesterday. Instead she was seen partying alongside Heidi Montag at the Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas. She claims, the reason she didn't go through with the wedding was because their were too many rules at the mansion and she wasn't being her true self. 

Here is what she had to say to reporter's at the Wet Republic on Saturday, "I just knew it was getting close it wasn't fair to (Hefner) and wasn't fair to go trough with it. I wanted to be true to myself and be true to what was best for everybody."

"I love (Hefner). He is the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life and I'll always love him and he'll always be a dear friend and I'll always visit him all the time." 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Yes! Beyonce's video for Single Ladies was shot in a studio where they used to shoot porn. She didn't know about this until after they finished filming the video. However she did say she had her suspicions. This is what she had to say to W magazine.

"I began to get suspicious because every dressing room had a theme. I was in the jungle room, and I realized they had made a porno in there. There was no air-conditioning in the studio and that added to the drama - we were shiny and sweaty."


The actor's e-mail account has been hacked and the hackers have sent out insulting emails about his ex wife Camille. Hmmm...interesting.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Miley Cyrus is once again on with her on again off again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The two met on set while shooting the movie The Last Song in 2009 in which they costarred.


Hugh Hefner is still a bit bitter about Crystal Harris leaving him days before they were set to marry with 300 guests in attendance. He had put her on the June cover of the magazine which is titled Mrs. Crystal Hefner. The blond was draped in what resembles Mr. Hefner's robe, hat, and with a pipe in her hand. Well because she will no longer be Mrs. Hefner the cover is to be altered. It will be difficult because boxes of the magazine have already been shipped.

But Hugh Hefner is determined that all magazines on new stands or not will have a huge red sticker saying in large letters..."Runaway Bride In This Issue." What do you think about the cover being altered?

Shakira in Israel?

Shakira who is a UNICEF Ambassador is going to Israel next week in order to talk about the importance of child education and nutrition in a conference. She will be speaking on a panel called My Recipe for a Better Tomorrow which will also include Sarah Silverman as a speaker. 

Good for them both. Childhood education and nutrition are very important subjects. 

Megan Fox and Her Husband to Renew Their Vows

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have gone to Hawaii this weekend. As you remember this is where they got married. They have gone there because their anniversary is coming up and they wanted to renew their vows in the same place. I wonder if they will do this every year?

Not That We Care But...

Kat Von D and Jessie James have split. It seems James himself was the dumper because there was too much drama in the relationship.The two were engaged for about five months. Well that didn't last too long...However, Kat has tweeted, "I have no regrets."

I never liked this couple for obvious reasons. And they both seem really annoying. So it may be a good thing that they might not be in our news for sometime to come.

Update: These rumors are untrue per Jessie James and Kat Von D. It seems that the wedding is still on and the couple is still together.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Russel Crowe is in talks to play Superman's father in the newest Superman movie. Henry Cavill is already set to play the super hero himself. The movie titled Man Of Steel is set to start shooting in Vancover this summer.

Crowe has some big shoes to fill in the role of Jor-El. They role has previously been played by Oscar Winner Marlon Brando.

Angelina Jolie To Visit Turkey

Angelina Jolie has been granted permission to visit Turkey. She will be in the country on Friday. She is going there to visit refugees who have fled Syria due to violence in the area. She will visit refugee camps located in southern Turkey.

Angelina is currently with Brad and their children in Malta. Brad is there because he is shooting a zombie movie called World War Z. Which sounds like it would be interesting to see when it comes out. I never thought Brad Pitt would make a zombie flick.

Who's Helping Hefner's Broken Heart?

Hugh Hefner is broken hearted over his latest split. However, he says that his second ex wife Kimberley Conrad is helping him cheer up. He has even got a little bit of his sense of humour back when saying, "Since we're not getting married on Saturday, I've scheduled a movie: Runaway Bride. Seems appropriate."

I doubt he will be alone for long...

Joss Stone Murder Plot

Two men have been arrested for plotting to rob, kidnap, and murder Joss Stone. Police were called when someone noticed the two men were circling the singer's house with their car. Inside the car police found swords, rope, and a body bag!

Craziness! Thank goodness they were caught and the singer is no longer in harm.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pictures of Arnold's Child

Hello magazine has an exclusive story with Arnold's mistress Mildred Baene, and pictures of their child Joseph.Baene claims that Maria knew about her affair with Arnold and their love child. She says that Maria started to ask questions when house staff began to say how much Joseph looked like Arnold.

Lady Gaga- In The Money

Based on Forbes magazine's best paid stars under 30 Lady Gaga ranks the highest. She made an estimated $90 million dollars last year. WOW!

Natalie Portman Gives Birth

Natalie Portman has given birth to a baby boy.

Hugh Hefner Wedding Off

Hugh Hefner and his fiancée Crystal Harris have called of their wedding, which was to have been in a few days. She was to have been his third wife. It seems she was the one who changed her mind as Hefner tweeted, "The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart."

Rumor is Crystal wanted to launch a big music career and thought the allowance she was given was too little. Poor Hef is probably horribly broken hearted.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twilight Bed For Sale?

This is the bed where Edward and Bella kissed for the first time and it just maybe up for sale in the near future. That is if the owner who is the director of the flick decides to sell it. She said she may want to sell the bed in order to make some money for a charity. She said if she sees enough demand from fans she may sell the bed in order to donate the proceeds to the Step Up Women's Network charity. We wonder how much the bed would go for if it was in fact put up for auction.

Kardashian Credit Card Lawsuit Dismissed!

The credit card company lawsuit against the Kardashian sisters has been dismissed by a judge. The company's card which seems like a scheme, made the girls walk away from endorsing the card. This led the company in filing a $75 million lawsuit against them. However, a judge has dismissed the lawsuit saying that the girls have a right to walk away from an "unlawful" product. The card company now has to pay the Kardashian's $6,825 court legal fees.

Selena Gomez Was Hungry?

Selena told reporters today that her recent hospitalization was not due to blood pressure issues. She claims she was malnourished and tired and that she didn't have enough iron. Hmmm okay? She is super skinny...

Charlie Sheen Back On Air

Charlie Sheen might be back on air in the near future. He is currently negotiating to get a new a sitcom.

Selena Gomez Feeling Better

It seems that Selena Gomez has began to recover from her health issues. The actress has gone on her twitter thanking her fans for their get well well wishes. She also said she will soon begin her promotional duties once again. And, she told fans that she is "feeling much better."

We are glad that she is better!

Ryan Gosling 7/11 Trip

Ryan Gosling took a trip to 7/11 before heading out to LAX to take flight to promote his movies. Here are some pictures of him just because...

Shia Lebeouf Is Done With Transformers

Shia Lebeouf said recently that he would not come back if a new Transformer's movie was released. Hmm, it would be hard to do a movie without it's lead character. He also said that he doesn't think Michael Bay the director of the flicks would return for another movie either.

However, Shia fans might be excited to know that he might return to a 5th installment of the Indiana Jones series.   Right now there aren't any major plans for the movie but it seems that it is going to happen.

Denise Richard's to Tell All!

Denise Richard's is going to be writing a tell all book about her relationship with Charlie Sheen. She says she wants to write about it because she want people to know "a beautiful love story" before things turned bad. The couple was married in 2002 and divorced in 2004 they have two beautiful daughters together.

As you remember Denise didn't say much during Sheen's meltdown this year, but she intends to voice her thoughts about it in the book. She also says the book will not be purely about all the bad things that have occurred but will also be about the good times the couple had experienced together. I personally am excited as to the content the book will reveal.

Weston Cage Fight

We were told over the internet that Weston Cage had gotten into a fight with his trainer. The fight was over food that the trainer told him he could not have. Well now it seems that was not the case. The fight originated when Weston went missing and Nic Cage sent his assistant Kevin Villegas to find Weston. When he was found by Kevin, who had previously served in the U.S. military, Weston threatened him. 

Kevin reported this to Nic and Nic told Kevin to call the police. So when Weston found out the police were going to be involved he went off on Kevin. That is how the crazy fight began. You could see through this photo here Weston is much larger then Kevin. What do you guys think about this situation?

Kim Kardashian Going to Court?

It seems likely. Kim's lawyers are going to file a defamation lawsuit against the NFL player Bret Lockett. As we told you guys about earlier Lockett claimed to have had an affair with Kim while she was dating her now fiancée Kris Humphries.

He then went on Showbiz tonight and while asked about his so called "relationship." He said he never actually met Kim in person. But they had an affair over the phone and he has proof of the so called affair. Well now he'll be able to show his so called "proof" to a court and meet Kim after all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selena Gomez Health Scare

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital just a few days ago. Now we are hearing the reason for her feeling so sick was because she was having blood pressure issues. The web is abuzz with rumors that she is pregnant but, these rumors are most probably false. She is undergoing tests to see what is causing her blood pressure issues.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie News

We are all aware that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are very generous with their money. They have just donated half a million dollars to Missouri tornado relief. Brad Pitt himself spent a lot of his childhood in the state and feels strongly about the situation. He said, "With the devastating loss of thirty percent of the city, the Joplin community faces great challenges ahead. Having spent much of my childhood there, I know these people to be hardworking, humble and especially resilient. The locally based Community Foundation of the Ozarks will be working shoulder to shoulder with these Joplin residents for the long haul as they rebuild their lives. We, too, hope to further help with these rebuilding efforts."

I applaud their generosity. Because the people of the area have a long hard road ahead. These funds will help them very much. 

Jersey Shore Relationships

While Snooki and her boyfriend broke up. It seems Jwoww and her man Roger are still an item. Here are some pictures of the two lovebirds together in Italy.

Selena Gomez Hospitalized!

Last night Selena Gomez was on the tonight show. Right afterwards she was rushed to the hospital because she complained of headache and nausea. Today she was set to have a live performance but had to cancel due to her illness. She is currently undergoing tests at the hospital to see what the cause of her sickness is. Get well soon Selena!

Jennifer Hudson Rushed to Hospital

Jennifer Hudson was rushed to the hospital earlier today in New York City. But, things are okay because she was treated for food poisoning and then released. Food poisoning can be harsh but, I'm sure she'll be better soon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kim Kardashian Cheating?

NFL player Bret Lockett says that he had a thing with Kim Kardashian even while she was dating now fiance Kris Humphries. Kim says this is not true and is pursuing legal matters against Lockett and In Touch Weekly who published a story about this. Hmm...Why would Lockett bother to even talk about this? She's not into you dude!

Kim Kardasian Pregnant?

Not yet anyway. She has however said the following about wanting to be pregnant soon.

"I hope so, I really hope so. Maybe by the end of the year. Well, I won't have [a baby] by the end of the year, but maybe we'll start trying by the end of the year. After the wedding. I think at home and privately, for sure [I'll be 'Mrs. Humphries'.] Maybe I will make it Kim Kardashian-Humphries, but I think I will always have Kardashian for work. But at home, Humphries."

I think their baby will be adorable! What do you think?

Anthony Weiner News Again

Not that his naughty pictures weren't news! Because they have been a major scandal. But now it seems that according to the New York Times, his wife Huma Abedin is pregnant with their first child. The couple have told persons close to them about the news. Well now we know too thanks to the New York Times...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner KISS!

Robert Pattinson jumped off the stage and ran to Taylor Lautner who was sitting in the audience at the MTV movie awards to give him a big kiss! Check out the video below!

Scarlet Johansson & Sean Penn Are Back On?

It seems like a possibility... Because the two were photographed together at yesterdays Spike TV awards in Los Angeles. Or maybe they have simply remained friends?

Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

This is a trailer for the newest Twilight Breaking Dawn movie. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Prenup

Even though they are currently engaged and soon will wed. Kim and Kris have decided to choose a wise path and it seems they are planning a prenup. One can never be too careful these days...

Inside Kim and Kris's Engagement

It seems as though Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding might be broadcast on E! This news doesn't come as a great surprise. However, I know many of her fans will be delighted over this. We will be eagerly waiting to see the beautiful bride on her big day. No doubt the ceremony will be grandeur. Over the weekend Khloe Kardashian posted some of Kim and Kris's engagement dinner photos on her blog. Check them out for some sweet photo's of the couple, and of course the rest of the Kardashian's. 

Paris Hilton's Not As Popular?

I have noticed for sometime that Paris Hilton had not been in our celebrity news rotation. It was something I was excited about. Honestly, I don't care much for Paris. It also seems that most Americans no longer care to hear about her either! According to some news outlets her new reality show isn't doing so great. Also, just recently she got some harsh criticism from the women of the view. Something to think about...For a second. 

Jersey Shore Season 5

All you Jersey Shore fans something to be excited about. Even though the fourth season is not on MTV yet. It seems that Jersey Shore will have a fifth season! So prepare yourselves for some entertaining television for the future.